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April 22, 2022


1. Memorable – proven to be the most memorable and noticed meduim on the road* 

2. Targeted – wrapped cars reach geographic areas that are difficult, or impossible, to reach through traditional billboards and buses.

3. Tracked – Accountability in ad spend matters! All wrapped cars are APP Technology tracked with location, route maps / heatmaps, mileage and                              impressions.

4. Scalable – wrapped cars has the ability to reach many markets, with many cars, all through one media supplier.

5. Affordable –commonly wrapped cars are a fraction of the cost of traditional billboards

Car wraps, a form of graphic media that rose to prominence through its wide usage on service vehicles and 18-wheelers, have recently become an accessible media format to marketers at-large. Within the past few years, a select  out-of-home industry has been created that enables advertisers to leverage networks of high-mileage rideshare drivers who want to wrap their cars in advertising.

Although the media format is rapidly growing, there are many South African marketers that are unfamiliar with this new marketing channel. Understanding the media format’s advantages is critical in leveraging it as a successful marketing channel tactic.

Below we discuss the 5 key differentiation factors of this medium.

1. Memorable

Vehicle wraps are proven to be the most memorable form of transit advertising. A study done by Nielsen in 2019 surveyed 999 participants and asked “When was the last time you noticed [_Medium_] advertising”. The results were as following:

Reach and frequency are usually the primary considerations weighed when assessing how far an ad budget can go within a media format, but what also needs to be considered is the memorability factor. After all, what good is an ad’s reach and frequency if nobody cares to look at it?

2. Targeted

In 1998, SAMOAC (South African Manual For Outdoor Advertising Control) was established by the then Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism to regulate the visual environment. This together with the applicable metro by-laws limit where billboards could be placed. Zoning restrictions is why you’ll pass by 100 billboards on your travels on the N1 instead of, say, 200 billboards. This is also why there is a lack of billboards in highly affluent and suburban geographies. This is especially true in hard-to-reach geography’s such as cape town.

A large benefit of wrapped cars is that there is no such regulation, so they can be used to reach geographic areas which are difficult, or impossible, to reach through any other out-of-home media format. Because of this, wrapped car advertising is frequently used in highly demanded markets where out-of-home inventory is very expensive, or locations that traditional billboard media cannot reach.

Eazy Ads sources their drivers from the specific areas and cities being targeted, ensuring that the exposure generated is in the correct locations for each campaign.

3. Tracked