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About Us.

performance driven, innoVation obsessed.


How we do things Differently 

Eazy Ads is South Africa's Leading Rideshare Advertising company that operates within the OOH (Out-Of-Home) advertising arena
With  cities now relying on Rideshare vehicles such as Uber, Bolt and InDriver for mass transportation, a new class of high-mileage vehicles has been born, that gives advertisers a new way to reach their audience. 
We are proud to contribute and support the gig economy whilst simultaneously providing value for advertisers and brands. By combining our performance-driven OOH and ad tech platform with the gig economy we empower brands to reach their audience, whilst providing extra monthly income to drivers  .

Every campaign is backed by our proprietary campaign tracking technology, ensuring 100% accountability and transparency, Brands can access a dashboard with real-time analytics about their campaign, including impression data, geographical reach, and where the cars are delivering brand awareness in real-time.

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