Far more than just a wrap on cars...

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September 20, 2021

Far more than just a wrap on cars...

Vehicle advertising is a powerful marketing platform, regardless of your brand or business. In recent years, transit advertising has become a popular marketing method, largely because of its affordability and return on investment. Advertise, market, and promote your business with a powerful, eye-catching mobile billboard!

It is estimated that transit advertising generates between 30,000 and 70,000 impressions per campaign vehicle per day, and even more in densely populated areas. Eazy Ads proprietary software also tracks mobile devices that were exposed to the campaign vehicles. Transit advertising tends to have a higher rate of retention because they are in your face and cannot be turned off. These ads are repeated, attract attention, have constant exposure, are impactful and timely.

These campaigns reach people in organic, effective, and meaningful ways in hard-to-reach places such as residential and highly regulated areas where authorities do not allow billboards. It also gives people something to look at when they are stuck in traffic! Think about the way advertising currently runs on the internet, especially on YouTube. Usually, you have a 15 or 30-second commercial that can be skipped within a few seconds of first playing. This makes advertising on transit advertising even more effective. Even if commuters in the area did not actively read the advertisement on the side of the campaign vehicle on their way to work, they are exposed to it and have subconsciously taken note of this information somewhere in the back of their minds.

Eazy Ads works with only the best graphic designers in the industry to ensure well-designed, high-quality vehicle advertising. It all starts with what we call your one-sentence quote. It does not have to be a full sentence (and it can be two short sentences - we do not count), but it needs to be crystal clear about what your business does. There's always time to tell your brand story and help your customers get to know you. But first, we need to make sure your target customers understand what you do. And since your competitors are also flooding and bombarding your target audience with ads, you do not have much time to get through to them. Our goal is to make an obvious, instantly recognizable connection between the customer in your target audience who thinks they need something and your product or service offering.

You may also be asking yourself the following questions: who are our drivers? Are they simply ride-sharing drivers? The answer is simple: our vast network of contracted drivers who use our APP consists of both rideshare drivers (Uber, Bolt, Didi & Others) and everyday commuters who want to earn money for the kilometers they drive. Eazy Ads has developed proprietary driver tracking and management software that is used for driver onboarding and management. All drivers go through a rigorous vetting process and must log a certain number of kilometers driven before they are approved for new campaigns in their respective areas of operation. This way, we get the right drivers on board who will always deliver.

Campaign vehicles are a direct reflection of your company and brand. With internal systems and processes in place, Eazy Ads ALWAYS ensure that drivers drive well, keep the campaign vehicle clean and take pride in your advertising campaign. After all, drivers are your brand ambassadors, promoting your brand or company's products and services to increase brand awareness and drive sales.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with the team at Eazy Ads today and secure your very own driving billboard today!

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