Today it’s critical to move beyond brand safety. Eazy Ads have a solid brand suitability strategy to ensure positive environments for your brand image during the campaign duration to align with and to avoid harmful scenarios that can affect a brands image.

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background check

Our background check will investigate a brand ambassador’s background based on criteria determined by the current ride-share service employer. A check of a candidate's background also include all of the below factors:

We check applicants criminal records:

The criminal history is used by Eazy Ads to assess a person's (brand ambassadors) trustworthiness. This includes convictions, sentences, penalties, and pending charges.

We request all application documents & vehicle inspection report:


Profile picture

Motor Vehicle Licensing

Disc with Operator Card

Operating License/Permit

Motor Vehicle Registration

Document Roadworthy certificate

Vehicle images from all angles

We use ride-share ratings from all applicants:

After each trip, riders and drivers are given the opportunity to rate one another based on their trip experience, these ratings are reported back as averages. Eazy Ads include this rating system in the background check process to ensure we on-board the right calibre brand ambassadors.

We check traffic offences:

Eazy Ads makes use of the Pay City portal ( to view any recent traffic fines an applicant might have on their name. Depending on the severity of the traffic offences an applicant might be declared unfit to become a Eazy Ads brand ambassador.

Driver accountability

We use modern GPS tracking technology:

Eazy Ads’ most important role is managing campaign vehicle drivers (brand ambassadors). Drivers (brand ambassadors) are entrusted to represent valuable brands’ advertising and their behaviours have a direct impact on your company & brand and customer satisfaction rate. Thankfully, our fleet management rely on modern GPS tracking tools and technology to help us keep better track of all campaign vehicles – ultimately enhancing driver accountability.

We do in person interviews with all new applicants:

The in person interviews process provide Eazy Ads’ management an opportunity to decide if the individual's track record and character align with the organization needs and culture.

We do in Person Campaign Briefs:

Eazy Ads view all our registered and vetted ride-share services drivers as brand ambassadors. This is the person who represents and advertises a company and brand, supports its offers and acts as the embodiment of the company's corporate identity through words and actions. We do this by educating all Eazy Ads ambassadors with background info about the company and brand for the campaign. If a brand ambassador has never heard of your company, brand or product we prep them on all aspects from your brand values, what you are all about and any additional information they should know about you. Eazy Ads also educate all ambassadors on the campaign mission, end goals and targets.

We set clear expectations:

Setting up clear expectations for all brand ambassadors means being crystal clear about what we expect, the outcome we’re looking for, how we’ll measure success, and how they should go about achieving their objectives. It is crucial to set up clear expectations for our brand ambassadors because it’s hard to hold someone accountable if they don’t know what is being asked of them. Established expectations are communicated clearly to our brand ambassadors, and documented in writing. This allows us to easily reference the conversation should a brand ambassadors fail to deliver on expectations. Brand ambassadors develop a sense of accountability when there are certain rules for their role, responsibilities, and what is expected of them. Clear expectations also help brand ambassadors understand that there are consequences to poor performance, and continuous failure on their performance metrics without a valid reason is not acceptable.

We set SMART goals:

Goal-setting is the most critical component for fostering an environment that encourages accountability. Brand ambassadors have a clear understanding of the standard they are being held to and what is expected of them. By setting SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Results-oriented, and Time-bound) goals remove any potential ambiguity or confusion about the campaign expectations from a brand ambassador.

We provide performance data and metrics:

Performance data is important to maintain accountability. Performance metrics are used to measure how well brand ambassadors are doing during the campaign. We provide performance data that sets benchmarks for brand ambassadors to aim towards on daily, weekly and monthly targets.

Strict driver contracts:

Brand ambassadors have to drive safely, obey the traffic laws, and respect the rights of other drivers. Not only should brand ambassadors concentrate on their own driving, they should also be well aware of the other vehicles & padestrians around them.

We pay brand ambassadors per kilometer:

Eazy Ads supports the gig economy by adding additional monthly income by giving drivers the option to advertise on their ride-share vehicles. We keep brand ambassadors accountable by using our earn per kilometer payment structure through the Eazy Ads Driver App.

gig economy (noun) - a labour market characterized by the prevalence of short-term contracts or freelance work as opposed to permanent jobs.

Ensuring brand image on the roads

A superior brand image is what distinguishes a corporation from its competitors. Sales increase when the company is portrayed as being principled and productive. If the company does not portray an image of strength and integrity. Eazy Ads’ main focus is to ensure our brand ambassadors express the true values of all brands running active campaigns.

We do once a week vehicle branding inspections

A branding inspection checks to make sure that all of the branding on all campaign vehicles are in good representable condition. In a case of damaged branding an internal investigation will be done and all damaged branding will be fixed as soon as possible at no cost to the advertiser.

We de-install all campaign branding from vehicles at the end of the campaign period

Immediately after the completion of campaigns all campaign vehicles are instructed to go the vehicle branding centres to de-install all campaign branding. With this process in place Eazy Ads can ensure all brand owners that there won’t be any scenarios of a brand image being damaged after the campaign vehicle leave the Eazy Ads management.

A spotlight on brand safety on the roads

Eazy Ads works on a contract basis with ride-share drivers for the agreed upon campaign period, their primary responsibilities are to drive the campaign vehicles in the target demographic campaign zone. Contract drivers typically own the vehicle that they drive.

Eazy Ads is extremely strict on driving safely, obeying the traffic laws, and to respect the rights of other drivers. Not only should drivers concentrate on their own driving, they should also be well aware of the other vehicles & pedestrians around them. Eazy Ads wants all brand ambassadors to be a better drivers. We use the latest telematics technology to measure and encourage good driving, improve driving knowledge and awareness, and promote greater motor vehicle safety.

We do a pre-campaign vehicle inspection:

The Eazy Ads team do a pre-campaign inspection on all campaign vehicles to ensure vehicle safety and vehicle body condition, we also request a roadworthy certificate. In this process we look at the following areas: Overall vehicle condition, Dents or other cosmetic problems, Check the glass for cracks, Worn off/ mismatched tires.

We allocate a campaign administrator:

Each active campaign gets allocated to a campaign administrator who manage all campaign brand ambassadors for the duration of the campaign.

Campaign administrators duties:

• Managing campaign vehicle daily, weekly & monthly kilometer targets. • Making sure the full campaign stay on targets & goals set. • Doing weekly vehicle branding inspections. • Monitoring & reporting campaign drivers driving behaviour (Staying within speed limits, Smooth turning, Smooth acceleration, Smooth braking, and No cellphone use while driving) • Investigating all external complaints for campaign drivers possible bad driving behaviour. • Managing campaign drivers daily log ins. • Assisting campaign drivers with Driver App technical problems. • Assisting campaign owners (client) with Client Dashboard technical software problems.

We give other road users communication portals to report campaign drivers:

Eazy Ads created communication portals for other road users to report any active campaign vehicle driver in a case of a report of bad driving. The campaign administrator will receive the complaint ticket and will investigate any wrong doing from the active campaign vehicle driver. If found guilty a driver can possibly be removed from the campaign depending on the severity of the report logged against the individual.