Why OOH is the Most Trusted Influencer

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December 3, 2021

Why OOH is the Most Trusted Influencer

Mindless scrolling down your Instagram feed and then there they are. Your favorite Instagram influencer is now promoting a new brand of pasta. That’s wonderful. Except she is the same one that was promoting the Keto diet last week. Whilst social media influencers are the advertising medium of choice for millennials. A recent study found that 52% of millennials said that they trust social media influencers less these days. With that being said the millennials still preferred adverts delivered by their social media influencers. This could possibly be owed to the interactive manner in which these are often delivered. We cannot take away from that. However, consumer trust is of utmost importance. 

Out of home (OOH) has been dubbed today’s modern “influencer.” Research shows that 48 percent of brands use OOH to build brand awareness, and thus, these brands have seen their brand trust ratings grow by as much as 24%. For years, OOH has been a key driver in not only building brand awareness but in leading offline conversations.

There is a myriad of advertising mediums that can lead to great sales and lots of techniques that can get your brand in the forefront of the minds of your target audience. To get clients to speak about your brand or even try your brand is easy but there’s something that’s much more sought-after, and much harder to achieve in the advertising world. Can you guess what that is? It’s the ability to build trust and confidence between brand and consumer. 

Research by Nielsen shows that Outdoor is one of the most trusted advertising mediums, with higher levels of trust than online. Over half of the people surveyed (56%) trust the medium, but what’s even more crucial is that 58% of people are likely to take action after seeing an outdoor advert. High levels of trust combined with high levels of activation? Well, that’s a match made in marketing heaven. That’s the kind of power that out-of-home advertising can bring to your brand or business. 

OOH has remained a staple for marketing campaigns globally for decades. This is because of the way in which OOH engages the target audience, this is something that has not been matched by any other advertising medium. 

The public nature of OOH can lead consumers to believe brand messaging and gain confidence in the brand. Additionally, familiarity with a brand helps build trust. By using OOH, brands can shape consumer opinions in a positive, memorable way. 

It’s ironic that OOH advertising is one of the more neglected forms of advertising amongst small and medium-sized companies because it’s one of the most effective ways to build trust in brands – something that is especially important to growing businesses. 

For brands and businesses that want to capitalize on impact when it comes to brand reputation, reliability and authenticity, OOH delivers. 

Now if you are a new business and like many new businesses you don’t have a large budget for traditional OOH. Perhaps you should consider the Eazy Ads solution, which specializes in rideshare wrapping combined with our innovative tracking technology. Consider the reach, visibility, output, confidence, and TRUST you could afford your brand or business at a fraction of billboard price.

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