The perfect Complement to any media campaign

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September 14, 2021

The perfect Complement to any media campaign

So you are working on a new and exciting marketing campaign? Do you want to dazzle your client with something New, memorable, and measurable? What you have is looking good except the main OOH advertisement medium is Digital Out Of Home (DOOH), which is trendy but everyone is doing it. Why not pair this up with a transit solution that is new, will reach more of your target audience, offer measurability and trackability like never before, be more memorable and offer flexibility?

The brief was FUN, NEW, EXCITING AND ATTENTION GRABBING? You are missing FUN, NEW, EXCITING, AND ATTENTION GRABBING. Can you deliver without going over budget?

Consider the Eazy Ads solution. Our mandate is Outdoor transit advertising confidence, we specialize in INNOVATIVE and data-driven motion outdoor advertising.

According to Perception Research “Mobile advertising generates 2.5 times more attention than a static billboard,”. Why not jump on that brand wagon?

This is a growing medium in South Africa and the world at large. We believe the already proven effectiveness of transit media paired with the Eazy Ads data platform is a match made in OOH heaven.

Transit media is an important medium for reaching an audience of all ages and backgrounds. In the last few years, Transit media advertising has become more popular than ever, in the sense that more companies and brands alike are using the massive billboards which are their personal cars or company cars to mobilize their brand offerings.

Why do we believe the Eazy Ads solution is the missing puzzle piece to your perfect campaign?

Visibility: With the advancement in technology in the last few years, transit advertisements have become more innovative, colourful, eye-catching, and interactive which is very helpful in grabbing the attention of day-to-day commuters.

No Geographical Boundaries: Unlike most other advertising mediums that are stationed at a particular location transit advertising is not restricted to any specific geographical location. It can cover a large distance thus targeting a larger number of people at different locations. The mobility factor certainly gives it an edge over the other mediums.

Exposure: With transit advertising, a brand gets exposed to a considerably wider geographical area thus it helps in getting a larger audience exposed to the brand within a short span of time. One might be able to ignore or skip online ads and TV commercials but transit advertising does get their attention. Besides this, most people travel regularly thus the brand might also get the benefit of repeated exposure leading to better recall.

Cost-effective: Transit advertising covers a larger audience at the same time therefore the average cost per customer is significantly lower in respect to the impact that it creates. Other than this, since it covers multiple locations, the brand does not need to incur a separate cost for advertising in different locations.

Target oriented: Eazy Ads allows you to geographically target your audience. Our data-driven approach enables us to guide our clients in selecting the best locations to enable the maximum reach of their target audience which removes the guesswork of whether the people the advertisement was created for will get to see it or not. Again, our entire offering is rooted in removing the guesswork and inserting Confidence.

Flexibility: Transit advertising provides incredible flexibility in terms of location, size of the ads as well as budget. With Eazy Ads, our clients can choose the option that best suits their budget. Our clients have the power to choose whether to use our Eazy Ads media solution to complement a more traditional OOH media such as a billboard or to use it as a standalone marketing campaign.

Measurement: Measure the high recall impact that Eazy Ads is introducing to the OOH space, through our exclusive and sought-after technology. Log into your campaign dashboard to access your metrics in real-time like Attribution, Exposed Mobile Devices, Retargeting, Impressions, Mileage, Heat Maps, Tracking GPS Software, Daily Routes Timeline. – If some of this sounds like mumbo jumbo to you – don’t despair, you may contact the Eazy Ads team or visit

Why Consider Eazy Ads?

Who else is there to choose? We are the first to offer the Rideshare solution paired with our data offering. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for your brand to be a part of something that is a pioneer in the OOH sphere.

The Eazy Ads team is an excellent group of people that have a passion for introducing new tools for relationships, for the advertising industry, and for bringing value to our clients.

So what are you waiting for? The best accompaniment to your traditional OOH media campaign is just a few clicks away. It’s that Eazy.

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