Our main focus is Brand Reputation and ensuring a positive brand image is upheld at all times.

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November 9, 2021

Our main focus is Brand Reputation and ensuring a positive brand image is upheld at all times.

At Eazy Ads, we know that your brand reputation is of utmost importance to you and that’s why we have a strategy in place to ensure that you can proceed with your next marketing campaign with the confidence that only the Eazy Ads solution can ensure.

We pride ourselves in being the pioneer in this specific OOH transit space, but over and above that we pride ourselves in our passion for what we do and the brands we get to work with.

We have implemented specific procedures to ensure brand image is upheld at all key intersections of your marketing campaign from commencement to completion. It goes without saying that not all drivers that apply to partner with Eazy Ads will meet our internal ambassador criteria. Only the most passionate and whose attitude and goals align with ours will be the successful candidates.

Let’s delve into the steps we take to shine the spotlight on the critical area of brand safety at various points in the vetting & campaign process. At key points in your campaign activation processes, we trigger actions to manage brand image.

We make use of vetting software that makes it easy for applicants to apply via our Eazy Ads Driver Application dashboard and a straightforward system for our internal team to process all applications accurately. This allows us to make sure we select the best fit for our team to represent your campaign.


Our process starts with a full criminal history background check on all applicants that apply to become Eazy Ads Drivers. This includes convictions, sentences, penalties, and pending charges.

In addition to this, we make use of the ride-share Applications (Uber, Bold, DiDi & Others) rating system to assess driver behaviour. After each trip, riders and drivers are given the opportunity to rate one another based on their trip experience, these ratings are reported back as averages, once a driver falls below a certain rating it can lead to deactivation of their profile. We include this rating system in our vetting process to ensure we are on-board the right calibre of brand ambassadors.

Eazy Ads also do a background check to view any recent traffic fines an applicant might have on their name. Depending on the severity of the traffic offences an applicant might be declared unfit to become an Eazy Ads brand ambassador.


Eazy Ads view all our registered and vetted ride-share service drivers as brand ambassadors. This is the person who represents and advertises a business or brand. It is of utmost importance that drivers are made familiar with the brand they advertise prior to graphic installation. The campaign brief with the driver enables us to introduce the driver to the brand and who they are, the campaign period, campaign objectives and any other information we believe will be of use to them for the duration of the campaign to be able to understand but also confidently play this very important role.

This step also enables the Eazy Ads’ management team an opportunity to ensure that the individual's attitude is right and that they are definitely the right fit for this specific campaign.

It is of utmost importance that character and attitude align with our ethos and can help us meet those of the client.

Performance data is important to maintain accountability. Performance metrics are used to measure how well brand ambassadors are doing during the campaign. We provide performance data that sets benchmarks for brand ambassadors to aim towards on daily, weekly and monthly targets.

We also have scheduled catch up sessions with drivers once a week where we can find out if they have encountered any challenges on the campaign or had questions that they weren’t equipped to answer. It is an opportunity for us to again ensure that the driver understands the objectives and the brand.


A superior brand image is what distinguishes a corporation from its competitors. Eazy Ads’ main focus is to ensure our brand ambassadors understand the values and objectives of the brand and that their behaviour does not deter from this.

The Eazy Ads team completes a weekly branding inspection to make sure that branding on all campaign vehicles is in approved condition. In a case of damaged branding, an internal investigation will be conducted and branding will be booked in for repairs.

Immediately after each campaign completion vehicles are booked in for de-installation of campaign graphics.


Eazy Ads is unwavering when it comes to road safety, and adhering to the rules of the road. We encourage and incentivise good driving behaviour and motivate our ambassadors to become better drivers.

We also have made it possible for the general public to communicate directly with Eazy Ads by reporting poor or negligent driving behaviour from any of our ambassadors.

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