Location intelligence and demographic placement of each Eazy Ads Campaign.

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October 1, 2021

Location intelligence and demographic placement of each Eazy Ads Campaign.

When, planning, your, OOH (Out Of Home) campaign it, is, imperative to select the, correct location.

Just like the commas in the previous sentence are amiss, the location and placement of your OOH campaign is imperative to achieving success and creating impact.

How we do things differently at Eazy Ads:

Each Client / Brand that we communicate with has different objectives and goals to attain in their OOH advertising campaign. There is no "one size fits all" approach.

At Eazy Ads we incorporate data-driven planning in each campaign. By making use of our custom-built proprietary software, which analyzes thousands of raw data points to determine the demographic makeup of your audience and where they are geographically based. The data includes Age, Gender, Race, Language, Individual and Household Income (LSM), and Highest Level Of Education.

Through powerful algorithms, the data is visually presented on Google Maps. This visibly shows us where your target audience is based and where to place your campaign vehicles, to reach your demographic. We work closely with our clients during the planning and brief stage. 

We don't stop there. By leveraging audience location intelligence, we further identify which areas are frequented by audiences who fall within your target group.

For context, a Client that wants to reach out to "business travellers" can leverage our location data to build this segment - people who are seen at airports, for example. We then understand which areas this audience frequents and when they do this.

Location intelligence also makes it possible to target the consumers who visit your competition and reach them in the right place, at the right time to increase your market share.

All the information is then integrated to design an OOH plan that is tailored to engage your target audience where it matters most. This determines your Campaign Zone, or how we like to call it your "Hot Zone" This is where we will place your branded campaign vehicles.
Our network of qualified rideshare drivers that are most active in your "Hot Zone" is then matched up to your campaign.

We encourage all our clients to make use of our 30 Minute Campaign Strategy session whereby we will discuss your unique needs and challenges. We will show you our proprietary campaign tracking software and generate a FREE Target Market Demographics Location Report (Worth R1999).

Creating a targeted, eye-catching and memorable experience is a big part of finding success in the OOH media space.

Ready to Supercharge your marketing campaign? Get in touch with Eazy Ads, and secure your very own moving billboard today!

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