The perfect Complement to any media campaign
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So you are working on a new and exciting marketing campaign? Do you want to dazzle your client with something New, memorable, and measurable? What you have is looking good except the main OOH advertisement medium is Digital Out Of Home (DOOH), which is trendy but everyone is doing it. Why not pair this up with a transit solution that is new, will reach more of your target audience, offer measurability and trackability like never before, be more memorable and offer flexibility?
#MediaEntrepreneur: Risking the unusual, not settling for the ordinary
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EazyAds has entered the transit media space, offering “innovative motion outdoor advertising solutions”. The company has a “vast network” of drivers at its disposal, giving it a “network of campaign vehicles” that move around high traffic areas. EazyAds uses demographic software to pinpoint the correct audience for brand campaigns. It also has in its arsenal proprietary campaign tracking technology that gives real-time metrics, attribution, exposed mobile devices, retargeting, impressions, mileage, heatmaps, tracking software and information on daily routes. Here, the team of Gloria Isaacs, Ruan Cillié and Shawn Eksteen explain their business model and how it all began.
Former Tanzanite Account Manager Joins Eazy Ads Team
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As we celebrate women’s month this August, we are excited to recognize Gloria Isaacs as a founding partner of Eazy Ads.